Thursday, September 15, 2011

Eat Pie, Drink Coffee, Save Lives

Fuel Coffee and High 5 Pie “Fuel theCure”

A Portion of Proceeds from Fuel and High 5 Pie for the month of October will go to the Susan G. Komen Fund

High 5 Pie and Fuel Coffee will donate a portion of all proceeds for the month of October to the Susan G. Komen Fund as part of High 5 Pie and Fuel Coffee’s “Fuel the Cure” campaign to support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. High 5 Pie’s Capitol Hill location will feature pink-framed storefront windows to commemorate the occasion.

We are all working towards and looking forward to a day when breast cancer is spoken of only in the past tense. It has touched too many lives and stolen our mothers,daughters, wives, aunts, sisters, friends, family. But we stand in celebration of their lives and in support of each brave survivor.

This year, we are asking people to “share, celebrate and take action”by coming to High 5 Pie to post photos, memories, and notes in the pink window frames in honor of anyone that has been affected by breast cancer.

In September of 2007, we lost our dear friend Noelle,just a month before her 41st birthday. To try to speak of Noelle's memory seems odd, almost unfair, because she was too big to be relegated to memory, too big to be gone, and too full of life to have had it taken from her. What keeps us dedicated and re-dedicated to this cause is the fact that maybe we can fight this so that one day no one will have to know thisheartache.

Fuel the CureKickoff: Friday, Sept. 30, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. – stop by High 5 Pie with pictures, memories or notes to share, celebrate and take action.

Fuel Coffee
Capitol Hill, 610 19th Ave. E.,206-329-4700
Wallingford, 1705 N. 45th St., 206-634-2700
Montlake, 2300 24th Ave. E.,206-328-0700

High 5 Pie
1400– 12th Ave.

Twitter: @fuelhigh5

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