Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday Season is Here!

Whoa, what happened to Thanksgiving?? Well, we made it through a snowy, icy, crazy-but-fun week. Thanks to all for the special orders, we were slammed and loved every minute of it. On that note, make sure to get your holiday pie special orders in early! We'll be taking orders now through Thursday, December 23rd.

Pies and pie items are perfect for holiday gifts, parties, or a me any time for more info on pies, Flipsides, Cutie Pies, Piejars, Petit-5s, Piepops, and more!

....And as for the new shop, yep it's still in the works! We're aiming for late Dec/early January still, so keep those fingers crossed that we can ring in the new year with pie!