The Basics::  High 5 Pie started as a wholesale-only pie bakery in December of 2008.  Using Dani’s Grandma Molly's favorite all-butter crust recipe, we set to work and made delicious pies and pie items, single-serve/handheld pie items like Flipsides and Cutie Pies.  In January 2011, we opened our pie shop on Capitol Hill in Seattle and have since been fortunate enough to be featured on the Food Network, the Cooking Channel and the Martha Stewart Show, Bon Appetit magazine, Food and Wine, and even voted Best Pie Shop by readers of Seattle Magazine!

Where do you get your fruit/ingredients from?  Merlino is our distributor, they are a local company and they source locally when possible.
Are they organic/local? Whenever possible!  Apples and Flour from Washington, Berries from Oregon and Cherries from Montana
Fresh or Frozen?  Fresh whenever possible, depending on the pie and the season.  We try to highlight fresh seasonal fruits but our fruit is otherwise flash frozen to ensure maximum freshness.

What other locations do you have?  Just this one!

Does anyone else carry your pies? Many local businesses do! You can find our pies at Caffè Vita, Caffè Fiore, Fuel Coffee, Urban Coffee Lounge, Cafè Cesura, Kress IGA Supermaket Downtown, Mioposto, Kaladi Brothers Coffee, Elysian Brewing Company, Molly’s Sandwiches, Boulevard Grocery, Macleod’s, TNT Espresso…the list is always growing!  Contact us at info@high5pie.com if you’re interested in starting a wholesale account with us.

When did you open? January 2011 is our general reply (though,December 31, 2010 was our first actual day in our retail location!)  We started doing wholesale several years before in 2008, baking our pies for restaurants and coffee shops around Seattle out of a shared commercial kitchen in the Seward Park neighborhood.

Do you ship? We do not.  Pie is a delicate thing and we can’t assure you it would arrive intact.  We are able to offer pie in our shop and at wholesale locations in the Seattle area.  We can deliver in the Seattle area for a fee. ($25 in town, more outside Seattle)  Just call us or e mail orders@high5pie.com to make arrangements.  

Do you wholesale?  How does that work? We do!  The best way to find out more about wholesaling is to e mail info@high5pie.com to set up an account.  Our bakery will be able to send out the wholesale list and info and set you up with an account that works for you.  Need a tasting first?  Just let us know!

What does ‘seasonal’ mean to us? Seasonal means a few things.  It means seasonal fruits and veggies and it means pies that go well with a season.  So we have peach pie in summer, when peaches are fresh and delicious and Pumpkin pie comes into our shop in fall/winter, just in time for the holidays it’s most popular for! 

Do you have pie jars/that thing from TV//why don’t you have exactly what I want at this random time I've happened to come in? If we don’t have something in stock we may have 1) sold out! (likely with popular items) or 2) decided to make something different that day.  We like to keep our case fully stocked and our customers delighted with a mix of classics and new items.  Sometimes this means we make a new and exciting flavor or type of item instead of making more of a tried and true item.  If you want something specific the only way to ensure we’ll have it for you is if it’s special ordered (min 48 hours notice on most things, more time if it’s a large order of small items). 

Do you do donations of your pies/merch? We do!  To solicit a donation please contact annie@high5pie.com 3-4 weeks before your event.  Donations solicited with less than 2 weeks notice will not be considered.  Solicitations submitted more than a month in advance will be considered in the 3-4 weeks before the event itself.   Our usual donation is one to two 9” pies per event.   

I’m getting married/have a big event/need a lot of pies, help! We’re so happy to provide you with a plethora of pies for your event! Want to set up a tasting and go over all of your size and flavor options ahead of time?  E mail orders@high5pie.com and we’ll set one up for you!  Just keep in mind that we need a minimum of 48 hours notice for most special orders. 

How long is this pie good for, how do I store it and how is it reheated?
Pie is good for at least 2-3 days; store fruit at room temp overnight but wrapped/covered/in a container.  Savory and cream pies should be kept covered (in their box is fine) and in the fridge.  Reheating instructions vary by item.  Please inquire in shop!
What is in your Vegan and Gluten Free pies? The filling in our pies is all the same for every pie, just the crust is different on these delicious alternatives. Our Vegan pie crust is made with shortening instead of butter and our gluten free crust is a delectable combination of gluten free flours. 

Do you have pie that is both Vegan AND Gluten Free? We have vegan, we have gluten free but we currently don’t have anything that is both vegan and gluten free.  We experiment with recipes for this elusive combo from time to time as they come our way but have yet to find a crust that lives up to our standards. If you have suggestions please e mail them to us and we’ll give them a try!

What’s the cream pie schedule? We don’t have a regular schedule for cream pies.  This is, in part, because we like to leave things open for customer requests and special orders.  And in part it allows us to try new and exciting flavors, tweak old favorites or just serve up what we get asked for most!  We generally know two days out what our pies will be, so you can often call the shop and we’ll be able to tell you what we expect to see in the case over the next few days.  What’s the best way to find out what our cream pies of the day will be?  By following us on Facebook and twitter, we post them every day!

What color is this tealy green blue you have everywhere and why is it all over?It’s called Jadeite and it’s historically most present as a stain and heat resistant milky green glassware.  Sold at five and dime stores, it was a beautiful and cheap option for all and was found in many households in the 1940s and 50s.  As collector’s items Jadeite dishware can still be found today, but at much higher prices!   We love this color for its cool elegance and vintage nostalgia.  It’s a part of what puts the vintage in this vintage meets modern shop. 
Can I reserve the big table for my event/meeting/party? Sure!  Just give us a couple days’ notice and submit requests to annie@high5pie.com!  Reservations depend on the time of day, day of week  and if it’s already been reserved for another event! 


  1. Can I mail order several of your I heart butter tee shirts and have them shipped to me? I sure do want several of them as my whole family loves only REAL butter!