Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's Almost Time!!

Are you ready for some of the tastiest treats in Seattle? Tomorrow is the official launch of Rhubarb Fest here at High 5 and oh my goodness, do we have some great things lined up for you!

Strawberry & Rhubarb pies, Rhubarb Custard Pies and our new favorite, Strawberry & Rhubarb Pie Shakes. PIE SHAKES!! STRAWBERRY & RHUBARB PIE SHAKES!!! Does it get any better than that? Dare we say, we don't think so ;)

So come on by and see us this holiday weekend! What's the 4th of July without a little slice of pie heaven?

Rhubarb Fest runs through the month of July, giving you multiple chances to treat yourself to something amazing!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Pride Weekend!

Well, Pride Weekend is here and now with the news coming out of New York, it feels extra exciting! Whatever your plans for the weekend, Capitol Hill Pride Festival, Pride Parade, we hope you have a wonderful weekend and would love to see your beautiful faces at the shop. We're decked out in rainbow, feelin' good and ready to share the pie love! After all, you can't spell PRIDE without PIE ;)!

Happy Pride!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gene Simmons, where art thou?

So, it's a little known secret that we're just a tad obsessed with Gene Simmons and KISS. I mean come on! The music? The videos? The awesomely bad hair??! How can you not love these guys!

He *might* be a bit more obsessed than we are.

So unless you've been living under a rock, you know that KISS will be coming to town Thursday June 23rd. Well, technically they'll be playing in Everett, but we won't let that dampen our spirits! How awesome would it be, I ask you, to have Mr. Simmons drop in at our humble little pie shop on the hill? Pretty freaking awesome! Which is why we are sending out good and positive vibes, keeping our fingers crossed and pretty much telling anyone who will listen that he has to be coming by...he just HAS to!

So help us out! Whenever you send out a tweet, use the hashtag #High5KISSWish and feel free to convince Mr. Simmons that he would be missing out if he didn't drop in at High 5 Pie. Or, you're friends with him and you feel like helping us out by giving him a call, then that is just fine too! We'll take what we can get ;) Let's do this, people!

Make it happen and we'll totally rock these boots in the kitchen.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Mix it up! Shake it up! Whooaaaa ohhhh ohh!!

Man oh man, what a great time we're having over here at High 5! We've enjoyed a lot of things in the last couple of months. Making our Cooking Channel debut on Unique Sweets, mentioned in Sunset Magazine for our pie pops and jars (and doubly exciting, Fuel Coffee had a great mention as well!), People Magazine featured our uber tasty Raspberry Chocolate Mint Whip pie, The Food Network paid us a visit...I could go on but I think you get the idea ;) Great things are happening here and we are having a ton of fun doing what we do best, making our pies with lots of love and sharing them with you!

So now as we turn the corner of Spring and head towards Summer, albeit slowly but surely, we want to share with all of you pie lovers the next best thing in our world. Are you ready for it? Say it with me:


Mhmm, you are reading this right! Pie shakes have made their debut in our shop just in time for summer and we are oh so stoked about our newest creations. Who doesn't love a slice of pie with a scoop of ice cream on top? Well, we took that idea one step further and threw those 2 things in a blender, added a bit of milk and instantly fell in love with what is sure to be one of the best treats during the upcoming Seattle summer.

Seriously. A peanut butter and jelly pie shake? Count us in!

To make these delectable treats we use the amazing Bluebird ice cream in either Snickerdoodle or Vanilla Bean, a bit of milk and a slice of pie of your choosing. That's right! You can choose a slice of any flavor of pie you'd like and we will create an amazing concoction for you! Fancy an apple pie shake? How about a slice of peach pie in your cup of blended goodness? Cherry almond, blueberry lemon, marionberry, banana cream, coconut cream...honestly, there are so many flavors to choose from you could have a different shake every day of the week.

So come on over, pick out a slice and let us create a shake for you that your taste buds will thank you for!

*Super thanks to the Seattle Met Nosh Pit for the mention!*

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Seattle Coffee Crawl June 9th-19th 2011

High 5 Pie is participating in the Seattle Coffee Crawl that takes place during the week leading up to the Northwest Coffee Festival! If you come by this Tuesday June 14th, between 5pm & 7pm you will receive a free FUEL coffee with the purchase of any pie item*. Pie + coffee really is the perfect combo!

We *heart* our FUEL coffee!

Seattle Coffee Crawl game boards are found in the Summer Guide issue of Seattle Weekly (out June 8th). Get your game board, come on by and get your High 5 stamp!

Seattle Coffee Crawl game board

For more information on the Coffee Crawl and Northwest Coffee Festival visit