Thursday, March 17, 2011

Brave New World.

Hello, friends.

The winds of Spring are blowin’ outside, and the fresh winds of change are blowin’ through High 5 Pie.

And our changes, they feel good. They smell good. They’re tasting ohhh sooo good. Indeed, there was a catalyst that nudged us towards change. What catalyst? Nahhh. The “what” is inconsequential. The important thing is that we got the push we needed to roll out the recipe tweaks we’ve played with for a while. 
Before, we weren’t sure if you, our patrons, wanted recipe tweaks, you know? We have a particular pie style here at High 5: fruit forward, and not too sweet. But as our business has grown from a few pies in a cake stand at Fuel to our very own High 5 Pie store front (!), and our fan base has grown (@high5pie loves hearing from pie lovers on Twitter and Facebook -- seriously makes our day ), our constructive feedback file has also bulked up. And we listen. We’ve always listened. We will always listen. The internal pie clock doesn’t get us out of bed at 3am every day to bake pies for ourselves, after all! Pie comes from the heart. Pie is for sharing.

So, we’ve tried out some recipes with friends and trusted palates across the food industry. (Note: Heather Earnhardt, you are an ambrosial goddess! All hail Volunteer Park Cafe.) A tweak of technique here, some extra butter there (we could all use more “light ‘n’ flaky” in the crust of our lives), a general all-over refinement of the basics.  

Without further adieu, ladies and gentlemen of the pie-eating persuasion, we’d like to announce.......

High 5‘s Pievolution!

At this writing, we’ve overhauled the crust four ways. Our fruits are more robust. Our flavors are deeper. We’re feeling mmmm mmm good.

Stay tuned! We’re super excited. We’re all so in love with pie in general, and now even more in love with our own. We’re working super fast to nail down our changes and bring the best pies in the city out of our bakery and into your bellies. We can’t wait to fully unleash the #pievolution!


Dani Cone

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