Saturday, November 14, 2009

So Much Going On...Fun!

Ok it's true, I've been horribly neglecting this sweet little blog I started as my foray into the 21st century...gotta get on it!  Lots of new stuff going on at High 5 Pie, here we go...
1.  Holiday Flavors:  Pumpkin, Sweet Potato Pie, Caramel Pecan.  Place Thanksgiving orders by Monday, Nov 23 via email: or at any Fuel.
2.  Pies make great gifts!  Just think what a hit you'll be at your next office party, holiday dinner, birthday, or movie night with friends when you show up with Cutie Pies or Piejars for all!  Having a solo night in?  What could be better than a good movie and a 7" pie all to yourself...oh yeah, I speak from experience on this one!
3.  LikeMe:  So I've never been one to partake in Facebook or MySpace as I'm pretty computer illiterate...and I know I'd get super addicted and I gots to bake some pies with my time! :)  BUT, LikeMe is a cool site and I made a profile on it, check it out.  This site allows you to see what people you know (or don't know but can relate to!) recommend in categories such as restaurants, bars, shopping, parks, etc etc.  It's pretty cool!...and even I can figure out how to operate it!

Don't forget it IS peak pie enjoy lots and lots of pie!  I'm going to have some freshly baked Pumpkin Cutie Pies right now....


  1. Yum...Pumpkin Cutie Pie. I am meeting a friend there later this week. I MUST try!!!

  2. totally love your book! it's got me wanting to be a barista now but starbucks is about the only game in town here --